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Trips and Vacations

There are many times during the year where we must travel, whether for business or pleasure. The changes in temperature and humidity are dangerous to your Tefillin. Extreme heat can cause the Tefillin to crack and high humidity can cause your Tefillin to warp. Extreme cold can freeze the Tefillin and cause them to crack. The scrolls, inside the Tefillin are liable to be affected by humidity or cold and crack. 

Every Jew needs and wants to be certain that their Tefillin accompany them on all their travels.

How can you protect your Tefillin?

  1. Never leave your Tefillin in a car which is capable of reaching extreme temperatures.
  2. Avoid taking your Tefillin into areas of extreme moisture and humidity.
  3. Use a Tfidanit in order to reduce the exposure of your Tefillin to these elements.

Have a great “safe” vacation!

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