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Differentiating Genuine Tefillin Beit El products

Tefillin look the same from the outside, only an expert can tell the difference between them.


Since Tefillin Beit El is considered a leading manufacturer of Tefillin we have encountered those who have passed on their inferior products and presented them as products manufactured by the Tefillin Beit El factory.


  1. Tefillin Beit El was established over thirty years ago, and is managed to this day by Rabbi Yishai Babad.
  2. Only purchase Tefillin in a store which displays a Tefillin Beit El sign at the entrance to the store.
  3. Warranty; Tefillin manufactured by Tefillin Beit El are supplied with a warranty supplied by the factory. This warranty has the company logo as well as the "Seal of Halachik Standard and Quality" the exact type of Tefillin and your pertinent information.
  4. A sticker attached to the container in which the Tefillin are received that gives the details of the Tefillin. This sticker contains the following information;
  • Company Name: Tefillin Beit El
  • Version: Ashkenazi, Ari, Sephardi etc.
  • Name of the scribe
  • Type of knotting
  • Quality control
  1. The Tefillin are accompanied by our unique products; the KufsaHod and KisuYad. These products are patented by Tefillin Beit El.
  2. If you have any questions regarding your order – please contact us at 02-997-5158 and have your order number handy.
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