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What makes us Unique?



What makes us Unique? 

Tefillin Beit El is considered a leader and innovator in the manufacturing and production of Torah scrolls, Tefillin and Mezuzot and serves as a standard bearer and a model for imitation by others. We have set new standards for the manufacturing of quality products. We do the utmost to ensure that the consumer receives the highest quality kosher and enhanced pair of Tefillin that will serve you for many years.

We were the first factory who developed and implemented new and unique manufacturing processes and opened their doors to public scrutiny without hiding any parts of the manufacturing process from the public.

By prior arrangement, everyone is invited to visit the factory and view the entire manufacturing process.


"Seal of Halachik Standard and Quality"

Tefillin Beit El is the leading company producing the highest quality Tefillin today. All our products comply and even surpass the requirements of Halacha and are produced in accordance with those enhancements which give them a more exalted standard known as the "Seal of Halachik Standard and Quality".

These enhancements were established in conjunction with the leading Rabbis of our generation who have visited our factory and some of whom actually use the Tefillin purchased in Tefillin Beit El.

Tefillin Beit El has developed products for the maintenance of Tefillin: Tfidanit, KisuYad and Kofshud.

  • We have independent rabbinical supervision of the Tefillin manufacturing process.
  • We have G-d fearing scribes who take great care in following all the pretexts of Judaic law in writing each individual letter in the scrolls.
  • All of the scrolls undergo an arduous process of proofreading. Each scroll is proofread three times; twice by independent scribes, and once by a special computer program.
  • We make sure to produce spacious compartments in the Tefillin, ensuring that the scrolls are not damaged in any manner when they are inserted into or removed from the housing.
    According to a ruling by Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu Zt"zl, Tefillin purchased from Tefillin Beit El never require "checking". This is in accordance to the ruling of Rav Yosef Karo in the treatise "Shulchan Aruch" Tefillin which are considered kosher never require checking".
  • Not only do we give you a "kosher" pair of Tefillin we strive to give you an enhanced product which is esthetically pleasing as well.

The difference in the types of Tefillin is qualified by the quantity of enhancements that are listed in the "Seal of Halachik Standard and Quality".
We manufacture three levels of Tefillin housings; Hayovel, Odem and Bareket.


Quality Control

We maintain our high level of quality by ensuring that only the highest quality products are used in the manufacturing process. For instance; all our Tefillin are manufactured from ox hides and we specifically use only the hide taken from the necks of the animal. These hides are less fatty and stronger than cow hides. All our scrolls are written on thin hairless parchment and the straps from the top layer of the hides and are processed without glue and grease.

We ensure that the proper methods are used in the manufacturing process. We do not use short cuts in drying the hides and thus the drying process stretches over large amount of time – up to a year! This does not include the time needed for painting. All the housings are durable and will last for many years.

We make sure to maintain the highest standards thus ensuring equal quality in all our housings.


Halachik Innovations

We strive to be an innovator in our field. We strive to find solutions to problems which were not solvable in the past.
1. Tying the "Yod" so that it remains standing.
2. Tying the Tefillin in compatibility with the rulings of the Chofetz Chaim.



  • Tfidanit – A container that protects your Tefillin wherever you are.
  • Kisuyud – A flexible band that is placed on the hand Tefillin and thus protects its corners.
  • Kufsahod – Specially designed boxes that allow you to store your Tefillin in the proper manner.


All of the Tefillin sold by Tefillin Beit El come with an extended warranty.




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