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כיסוי יד
$5.96 each

KisuYad – Flexible protection for the Hand Tefillin


A new Patented Product!

We at Tefillin Beit El are constantly striving to find innovative methods and ideas that will enhance and beautify the mitzvah of Tefillin.

After a few years of thought and development we have brought a new and innovative patent protected product to market. KisuYad – Flexible protection for your Tefillin to be used while you wear them and store them. This product protects the corners of the Tefillin from wear and tear by friction from clothing, your body or any other possible rough object. Damage to the integrity and squaring of the Tefillin could occur if the Tefillin are not properly protected.

The Kisuyad – Flexible protection for Tefillin is a new product that has many Halachik and user friendly options not available in the old carton protectors.

כיסויד מגן גמיש לתפילין של יד


בהשגחת הבד 

Rabbinicaly recommended.
כיסויד מגן גמיש לתפילין Fits tightly to the Tefillin and does not fall off unlike the old cardboard protectors.
כיסויד מגן גמיש לתפילין Protects the corners.
הידור במצוות תפילין Leaves the Tefillin viewable.
Allows the “Yod” knot to be tied upright.
Allows the fulfillment of the Halachik requirement that the Tefillin must “see the daylight” and be viewable.
כיסויד לכל מידות התפילין מFits sizes 32 – 36
כיסוי לתפילין של יד Need not be removed when reciting the blessings as per the rulings of Rabbi Asher Wiess Shlita and Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu Zt”zl.


Babylonian Tractate, Sanhedrin 89: A – The Gemara states that the Tefillin housing must “see the air”.


 Tosfot Babylonian Tractate, Menachot 35: A Allows the covering of Tefillin with a small band as this does not cover the whole housing and leaves the housing uncovered from left and right.


This is the solution provided by the Kisuyad. Most of the Tefillin housing remains viewable from above and below. Therefore, it is obvious, according to all Judicators that one is allowed to recite the blessings on the Tefillin while using the Kisuyad. There are Judicators who rule that one may not recite the blessings on the Tefillin while wearing the old cardboard protectors.


Rabbinical recommendations:


Rabbi Asher Weiss Shlita – “This qualifies as an enhancement of the mitzvah and is a good solution”


Badatz Eida Chareidit – Jerusalem


Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef Shlita – Chief Rabbi of Israel – “It is much more preferable than anything in use today”


 Rabbi Avigdor Neventzal Shlita – “I liked the Kisuyad


Rabbi E-lyakim Levanon Shlita - “I hurried to enhance my Tefillin with the Kisuyad


Rabbi Eliyahu Stern Shlita – “A beautiful enhancement as it does not cause any separation between the housing and the Yod knot”


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