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Tfidanit - Why


Tefillin are manufactured from organic matter, ox hide. These hides are easily damaged if they fall or are hit by a hard object. They are also sensitive to moisture and temperature fluctuations. The Tfidanit first developed by Tefillin Beit El, was designed and is manufactured from a combination of durable and shock absorbing materials which protect the Tefillin from all sorts of blows and bumps, protects against the effects of temperature fluctuations and when tightly closed is waterproof.


Features and advantages

  • Strong handle and shoulder carrying strap – allows for easy and comfortable carrying.
  • Has an attachable/removable bag for a Tallit for those who wear a Tallit at Bar Mitzvah age.
  • Has a built in luggage tag which allows you to write your personal information so that if found the owner can be easily identified.
  • A pocket for a soft covered siddur (Prayer book).
  • Fits all sizes of Tefillin – up to size 40. For Chabad Tefillin – check before purchasing.
  • Designed to be a double walled insulated unit, thus allowing one to enter the bathroom in public places without hesitation.
  • Designed so that the Tefillin are placed vertically in the container so that one cannot mistakenly reach for the head Tefillin before the hand Tefillin when laying ones Tefillin. This ensures that one will not transgress the prohibition of not bypassing or switching between mitzvot. (If one touches the head Tefillin and passes over them to take the hand Tefillin first, he has bypassed a possible mitzvah and switched it for another.)
  • Rav Mordechai Eliyahu Zt”zl ruled that there is no problem whatsoever in vertically storing the Tefillin with the hand unit sitting on top of the Head unit. “According to all adjudicative literature it is more imperative to protect the Tefillin”.
  • A large mirror in the cover which enables you to make sure that your Tefillin are properly placed on your head.
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