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The Laying of the Tefillin

The Laying of the Tefillin  


Laying of the Hand Tefillin

  1. Remove the hand Tefillin from its’ protective case and kiss the Tefillin.
  2. Make sure that the “Yod” knot is pressed tightly, upright, against the Tefillin.
  3. Roll up the sleeve of your shirt so that the Tefillin will be laid on the skin of the upper arm and that nothing will be present between the skin and the Tefillin.
  4. The Tefillin must be placed on the upper arm so that the section where the straps lay are towards your shoulder and the “Yod” should be facing your heart.
  5. The base of the Tefillin must sit on your muscle so that it does not stick out over the bottom of the muscle, nor may it protrude above the muscle. In addition, make sure that there is two fingers width between the edge of the Tefillin and your elbow.
  6. Say the first blessing for laying Tefillin “For who has commanded us to lay Tefillin” and tighten the hand strap.
  7. Wrap the strap seven times on your lower arm, and now it’s time to lay the Head Tefillin.


Laying of the Head Tefillin

  1. Remove the head Tefillin from its’ protective case and kiss the Tefillin with the “Dalet” of the strap together.
  2. Place the Tefillin so that its’ front end sits at your hairline and the back is facing the crown of your head. This area is known as the flaccid part of a baby’s head.
  3. Special attention must be placed in order to ensure that the Tefillin are placed in the center of the forehead above the eyes. Use the mirror located in the cover of your Tfidanit case; this will ensure that you place your Tefillin properly and keep them there.
  4. Pull the straps over and around your head so that the “Dalet” knot is situated at the edge of the skull.
  5. Make sure that the Tefillin have not moved and that the straps are properly placed and then say the blessing: “On the Mitzvah of Tefillin”.(Ashkenazi only). One should then make
    sure that straps of the Head Tefillin are firmly wrapped around the head and then say “Blessed be…..” Then make sure that the straps of the head Tefillin from the knot on the back of the head are brought over each shoulder and placed black side out down your chest.

One should then wrap the Tefillin straps of the hand so that a “Shin” is formed and realign the straps on his arm so that every part of the straps are sitting nicely and then say the passage “And I am betrothed to you forever…”

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