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The Tfidanit is not Bulletproof!



My name is (withheld as the sender is on active duty) a combat soldier in the “Nachal Yehuda brigade.  Two weeks ago while returning to my base I got to the central bus station in Jerusalem. I prayed Mincha, (the afternoon prayers), and then went to the terminal for my bus. When the bus came, I put my pack with my Tfidanit in it into the baggage compartment under the bus. Somehow, without my knowing it, my bag was taken out of the compartment and left on the sidewalk.

Approximately 40 minutes later after someone reported the bag as a suspicious object a police sapper was called to investigate the bag. He shot the bag to make sure it did not contain a bomb. In G-d’s mercy, the bullet struck the cover of the Tfidanit. The cover was shattered to smithereens, but the Tefillin were not damaged, thank G-d.

Sincerely, G.S.


Note: This is a true story as told to us by the customer. However, the warranty does not cover physical damage to the Tfidanit.

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