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The Original Tfidanit Withstood the Pressure



We would like to thank you for a wonderful product – Tfidanit!

The following story will bear witness as to the reliability of this product.

Last week, our son was waiting for a bus to take him to the Yeshiva in which he was studying. As he waited for the bus his school bag with the Tfidanit inside fell into the street just as the bus pulled into the bus stop and rolled right over the bag.

The results are presented here; the Tfidanit was ruined but they managed to protect the Tefillin so that only the head Tefillin was only slightly damaged. The hand Tefillin survived without a scratch!

We thank you. You have proved that the Tfidanit is an excellent product.


Yigal and Suzie Zusman


Note: This is a true story as told to us by the customer. However, the warranty does not cover physical damage to the Tfidanit.

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