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The Tefillin Saved Them!


A while ago a Tfidanit was brought into the Tefillin Beit El factory with the cloth cover shredded to bits. Inside we found the following note:

We are two trekkers who were travelling the Israel National Trail. One night as we were sleeping we heard the wails of foxes. The foxes were trying to find food in our backpacks. Not finding food in the backpacks they then attacked the Tfidanit which was on the ground next to our packs. They must have smelled the leather and thought that they were going to find a good meal. As you can see, they managed to shred the cloth cover of the Tfidanit. They were not able to reach the Tefillin. I dare not even think about what would have happened if the Tefillin were in a simple cloth bag……


Of course, we arranged for a new cloth cover. Now, before your vacation is the right time to purchase your Tfidanit which will protect your Tefillin from knocks, bumps, water and foxes.

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