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A Letter From a Soldier in the Armored Corpes


I am a twenty two year old serving in the armored corpe. As few weeks ago during a tank exercise, my backpack fell off the tank in which I was in. I jumped off and rushed to put the pack on the side where I thought it would be safe. The exercise continued and then I heard someone on the communication equipment saying “B2, you just ran over your friends backpack”!

When the exercise ended I went looking for the remains of my backpack and found them ruined and spread over the area. Then I saw the Tfidanit, which had been thrown a few meters away. True it was ripped and dirty and the container was slightly bent; however, when I opened the Tfidanit – my Tefillin were not damaged! I was ecstatic about the miracle which had just occurred!

I think that the unique design of the Tfidanit may have had something to do with the fact that the tank didn’t crush my Tefillin but somehow got thrown out of harms’ way. I think that this story can be used by you in your advertisements.

As a sign of my gratitude that in your credit my Tefillin are still whole.

Thank you


Note: This is a true story as told to us by the customer. However, the warranty does not cover physical damage to the Tfidanit.






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