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The History of the Tfidanit


For many years we at Tefillin Beit El saw the damage done to Tefillin brought to us to be checked and repaired after having been damaged somehow due to moisture, heat and being knocked about.

Many pairs of Tefillin were sent to us after being left in vehicles wherein the heat can reach between 70 – 85 degrees Celsius (158 – 185 degrees Fahrenheit) on a hot summer day. Others were damaged via moisture, whether by rain on a rainy day or having water damage due to various water sports and treks through ravines and rivers in the summer months.

Our development department, along with our engineers searched for a compatible container that could be used in order to protect the Tefillin. A square box was discounted because we could not find an acceptable level of water proofness.   A Styrofoam container was considered and discounted due to its inability to withstand pressure when pressure was applied to it.

After careful consideration we concluded that the container needed to be:

  • Waterproof when closed.
  • Be able to survive being dropped and physical damage.
  • Able to withstand considerable pressure.

In addition we concluded that whatever container was chosen for this purpose needed to carefully designed so that the final product would be able to ensure the following functions:

  • Needed to have a handle and shoulder strap.
  • A pocket for a siddur, prayer book.
  • A bag for a Tallit, prayer shawl.
  • Provide an acceptable solution for travelers needing to enter bathrooms and not having to leave their Tefillin unattended.

The Tfidanit which we are proud to have invented was carefully designed and provides the following:

  1. A thermal container that provides a certain amount of protection against fluctuating temperatures and humidity.
  2. A ribbed container which provides additional support and integrity to the protective container.
  3. An outside cover which not only “holds” the container but provides a solution to carrying the Tefillin into areas previously not allowed such as the bathroom. As the Tefillin are now in a closed container which in itself is in a closed container, it is now permissible to carry them anywhere.
  4. A handle and shoulder strap are provided.
  5. A bag specifically designed to hold a Tallit, prayer shawl, is provided and can be totally removed if required.
  6. A pocket is provided for a soft covered Siddur, prayer book.

Note: After all this is said and done; please NEVER leave your Tefillin in direct sunlight, in a car or areas susceptible to extreme cold.


So keep safe, stay warm and protect your Tefillin in the warmth and love they deserve.  

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