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The Tfidanit

The Tfidanit, a protective case for Tefillin, is a patented product developed by Tefillin Beit El, which specializes in the manufacturing of enhanced Tefillin and has thank God acquired worldwide recognition in our field.


The manufacturing of Tefillin in Beit El commenced over thirty years ago. During those early years we became aware of the problem facing young religious men who were inducted into the Israeli army and suffered damage to their Tefillin during active duty and drills. We were committed to finding a solution to this problem and a little more than ten years ago we developed and started to market the Tfidanit. This product allows religious men to take their Tefillin with them, not only to the army, but anywhere without fearing damage being caused to them.


Over the years the Tfidanit has come to symbolize Religious Zionism. A symbol of love for the land of Israel as seen by watching thousands who trek throughout Israel with the Tfidanit slung over their shoulders. A symbol of those religious young men who give of their utmost to the security of the State of Israel during the long years of military service. Recently, after much careful consideration, we developed a “new” enhanced model of the Tfidanit designed for soldiers in combat units whereby the container is camouflaged and has the capability of being attached to a soldiers’ kitbag.

The Tfidanit is so associated with the Religious Zionist camp in Israel that one of the advertisements in the last political campaign featured the Tfidanit.


Over the past ten years we have introduced quite a number of changes in order to enhance the Tfidanit. We are proud to offer this product, the new enhanced Tfidanit to our customers.


We hope you enjoy using our new Tfidanit in the years to come. Watch over yourselves – stay safe and keep your Tefillin safe as well!

Yours truly,

Tefillin Beit El

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