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Rabbinical responsa on the use of a Tfidanit


Is there a problem in the usage of the Tfidanit? The question arises because the Tefillin of the hand are placed on top of the head Tefillin.


Answer: According to all Rabbinical responsa, the care of the Tefillin is preferable upon their honor.

After we were approached with this question we queried Rav Mordechai Eliyahu Ztz”l and he gave the following ruling:

According to Rabbinical responsa, it is better to take the “hand Tefillin” first so that one does not pass by a mitzvah as there is a Halacha that one may not pass by one mitzvah in order to fulfill another mitzvah.  It is preferable to use a long thin container to store one’s Tefillin so that one will always remove the “hand Tefillin” and adorn them first, in accordance with the rulings of the T”az and the B”ach.

Even according to those who felt that it is not good to have the Tefillin stored together, everyone agrees that the care of the Tefillin is preferable than their honor.


Ruling: There is no problem in using the Tfidanit.

  1. By using the Tfidanit, there is no possibility of passing by a mitzvah.

The Tefillin are well protected and preserved in the Tfidanit, and preservation of the Tefillin is preferable to their honor.

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