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The Floods did not spare the Tfidanit

My son is a soldier in the armored corpse. Two weeks ago on Sunday the second day of Shevat – during the rainstorms which fell down south – my son was in a training exercise with his unit. His unit was located in a culvert at the bottom of a canyon.


At 5:30 PM the skies opened and it started to pour. Fearing flooding, the soldiers were ordered to take all the vehicles including the tanks and hummer vehicles to the top of the hill. Much military ordinance and personal belongings were abandoned in the field. The rain fell all night long and they were not allowed back into the terrain to save these items. The next day, my son found his backpack totally soaked in a puddle of water. The siddur and tallit which were attached to the Tfidanit were soaked! Upon opening the Tfidanit he found his Tefillin dry and just waiting to be worn. We credit the Tfidanit with protecting his Tefillin so that they were not damaged in any way.


Note: This is a true story as told to us by the customer. However, the warranty does not cover physical damage to the Tfidanit.

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