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Instructions for Use


Instructions for Use

Please read these instructions prior to using the Tfidanit product manufactured and marketed by Tefillin Beit El.


  • The Tfidanit is warrantied for a period of twelve months from date of purchase. This warranty covers any damage or defect incurred during the manufacturing process.
  • Please take care when opening or closing the screw on cap of the Tfidanit.
  • We assume no responsibility for any possible damage to Tefillin stored in the Tfidanit.
  •  Never leave your Tefillin in direct sunlight, in hot temperatures or any extreme fluctuating temperatures.
  • Please check the integrity of the rubber gasket before using the Tfidanit in humid conditions.
  • NOTICE!! The Tfidanit was not, and is not designed for extensive use in water. 
  • Carefully tightly screw on the cover so that the rubber gasket can form a seal in order to protect your Tefillin.
  • Always treat your Tefillin with the respect due them. Remember, the Tefillin bear witness upon your being a Jew!


  • In order to remove or place a tallit into the Tallit bag; open the two clips on the side of the bag so that the tallit bag is flat.
  • To detach the Tallit bag, open the two clips and unzip the zipper.
  • To access the Tfidanit, open the Tallit bag clips and expose the zipper that allows access to the Tfidanit.
  • Open the Tfidanit by twisting the cap counter clockwise.
  • In order to ensure the maintenance of the integrity of the Tfidanit care must be taken in opening and closing the lid so as not to damage the screw thread.
  • The “Siddur” (Prayer book), pocket has been designed for a soft cover book.
  • The carrying strap attaches to the two hooks located at the end of the carrying handle.
  • A luggage tag is attached to the outer lid of the top cover.
  • A change pocket is located on the outside of the “Siddur” pocket.
  • An additional change pocket is available on the shoulder strap.

Designed to be a double walled insulated unit, thus allowing one to enter the bathroom in public places without hesitation

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