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B'ati Tefillin Odem - without Parshiot



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$790.97 each

The "Odem" brand of the B'ati Tefillin sold by Tefillin Beit El have more than 40 of the enhancements listed in the "Seal of Halachik Standard and Quality" of Tefillin Beit El.


Partial list of Specifications: The following is a partial list of the special enhancements that are incorporated in the Odem Tefillin:

  • The letter "Shin" (ש) is extruded by hand from the hide of the head unit (Tefillin Shel Rosh), without any deformations being caused in the inside of the housing.
  • A tendon is used to separate each interior compartment on the inside and to separate the scrolls from one another on the outside. 
  • Note: These are just a few of the "Hiddurim" (enhancements) that cannot be discerned by the naked eye.
  • We then add to the Mehudar housings straps which are hand manufactured.

We choose the nicest housings and then enhance them in order to provide you with the tools necessary to fulfill this mitzvah in the best possible manner and thus allow you to achieve the highest attributes of Hiddur Mitzvah.




All of the Tefillin have the following specifications:


Housings: Size 32- 35 mm.


Scrolls: By the customer

All the parchment scrolls are written by qualified scribes on the hides of unborn calves. All of our scrolls undergo three levels of proofreading that check the shapes of the letters, check whether there is anything added or missing from the letters, are all the connections of the parts of the letters properly connected or are there any separations. All the parchments then undergo a computerized scanning and check. All the scrolls are categorized as to the level of compliance to Jewish ritual and as to the beauty of their graphic image. A sample as to beauty; It is permitted by Halacha to glue two pieces of parchment together in order to receive the necessary length of parchment required to write the long scroll used in the Tefillin which is tied on the arm. However, these just don't look nice and therefore are not used in the Hayovel, Odem or Bareket brands of our Tefillin in Tefillin Beit El.


Additional Enhancements:

  • The straps are manufactured from the top layer of highest quality hides.
  • Hand strap length – 4.5 meters.
  • Head strap length – 3 meters.


There are numerous additional enhancements not listed here. Call our representative now for additional information – 972-2-997-5158.


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