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Embroidery on Tefidanit strap

$1.82 per unit for buying at least 5

In Tefillin Beit El you can order embroidery on the Tefillin strap.
Minimum order cost 35 NIS Each additional letter after the fifth letter 7 NIS per letter.

* Enter the amount of letters in the quantity box
* In the purchase process write the text to embroider as a comment.
* When ordering a Tefidanit with embroidery, there may be a delay in the delivery of a few days.


The "T'fidanit" - Tefillin Carrier
A solid plastic container built especially for the protection of Tefillin. It's moisture-proof, and protects against bangs, knocks, and other damaging contact. The lightweight weatherproof container is doubled-sealed, allowing you to carry your Tefillin anywhere. 

You can put the T'fidanit on your shoulder, and stop worrying about forgetting your Tefillin. The T'fidanit can be attached to a school bag, backpack, or even a soldier's protective vest.

  A Place for you Talit.

 Hard Plastic.  Protects Against Knocks and Whether Extremes.  Protects Against Moisture. Cover-inside-a-cover.
 Can be carried using the handle or the shoulder strap.

 Place to put identification.

 Place for Sidur.    Hand Tefillin is put in last.     Mirror.

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