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– Moisture Resistant and Protects your Tefillin.



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– a flexible portective cover for Tefillin Shel Yad.

Recommendations Setting the Halacha Standards Our Knowledge and Experience

Tefillin Beit El is the leading company producing the highest quality Tefillin today. All our products comply and even surpass the requirements of Halacha and are produced in accordance with those enhancements which give them a more exalted standard known as the "Seal of Halachik Standard and Quality". Tefillin Beit El has developed products for the maintenance of Tefillin: Tfidnit, KisuYad and Kofshud.






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The Purchasing Guide

The Purchasing Guide

Here are a number of tips that you should know about purchasing Tefillin from Tefillin Beit El. My Son is ten years old, when should I order his Tefillin?  

What is Hiddur (Beauty) of the Tefillin?

What is Hiddur (Beauty) of …

At Tefillin Beit El, we pay close attention to each and every letter and crownlet, in order to ensure that our Tefillin are unparalleled in quality. The best way to explain how we make "Tefillin Mehudarot" - .

The "Secrets" in the Tefillin.

The "Secrets" in …

How do the Tefillin tie us to our forefathers? Where is it implied that a G-d fearing person. who wears Tefillin will reap the rewards of the afterlife? What ties Tefillin to the everlasting relationship.

What makes us Unique?

What makes us Unique?

What makes us so unique? Why choose Tefillin Beit El? How does one know which Tefillin will serve you for your lifetime? Herein we'll explain the differences and emphasis that we place into effect during the .

The Laying of the Tefillin

The Laying of the Tefillin

Remove the hand Tefillin from its’ protective case and kiss the Tefillin. Roll up the sleeve of your shirt so that the Tefillin will be laid on the skin of the upper arm and that nothing will be present betwe.

Tips for Purchasing Tefillin

Tips for Purchasing Tefilli…

Every Jew needs to own their personal pair of Tefillin. Most people who purchase Tefillin are purchasing Tefillin for their children's or grandchildren's Bar Mitzvah. Other possibilities are someone replacing a.

Come tour the factory

Come on a tour to experience
Preparation exciting Bar-Mitzvah
And discover the world of manufacturing tefillin

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Highly recommended tool for the Bar Mitzvah boy A wonderful and well explained tour. We learnt new things that we were not aware of. Highly recommended as a preparatory tool for the Bar Mitzvah boy. May... Read more
explanations which were tailored for the children Thank you for the tour and the explanations which were tailored for the children Read more
the "secret" tie of the Jewish people the "secret" tie of the Jewish people Read more
Beit El over thirty years ago, Since my father uses Tefillin manufactured by Tefillin Beit El over thirty years ago, I was  Read more

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  • A memorable memento for the whole family when taking part of the family tour of our factory.

  • New! A Tfidanit designed for use in the terrain.

    Great for soldiers and trekkers!

    Army Green cloth, Black container, Black camouflaged designed exterior additional bag which is designed to be attached, behind your head, to your kitbag.

  • Join the thousands of families who chose Tefillin Beit El as the source for their Tefillin. Join us for a memorable experience preparing your child for his Bar Mitzvah.

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